Join us on Sunday May 8 for our first Afterward Honesty Virtual Yoga Offering!!

Dear Readers,

It was my third Mother’s Day knowing I’d never have children, I think, that I summoned the wherewith-all to gift myself a formal, juicy at home yoga practice.  And why not?  It actually checked a few boxes – something I liked and was interested in, something that got me into my body amid emotional heaviness and, something that was removed from the typical triggers of the day.  No small feat there – on MDay it can feel as though triggers are coiled around your rafters and bundled up in every possible crevice ready to pounce.

This step forward I took was critical, and yet, it left me wondering – is there ANY “in the land of the living” type thing I could do just for me, in a space and with people relevant to my experiences on this day?  Actually, I’d query that almost EVERY day……but I digress.  That certainly didn’t seem like too big of an ask and yet, I kept drawing blanks.  

May 8 12:00 – 1:15 Childless Not By Choice Yoga Class Description:

This basic, slow paced yoga class is for anyone who is childless not by choice looking to tend to themselves on what is typically an intense (to say the least!) day for our demographic. It is an opportunity to have something for and about YOU as we hold our individual and collective space on M Day.

This alignment based yoga class adds in basic breath cues and a touch of vinyasa flow to offer a functional portal through which to softly meet ourselves and our bodies.    

Modifications will be suggested throughout.  This class is designed to be generally doable for people with very little yoga experience.  More specifically, the class will include poses done lying on your back, sitting on the floor (or chair as an option), standing poses with feet hip width apart (no wide leg standing poses this time!), one entirely optional downward dog, some modified forward bending and folding, and raising up of the arms overhead with modifications offered. We’ll also be on our knees some. If you need to, please contact me to discuss the appropriateness of this class for your individual situation.


  • A yoga mat or at the very least a non slippery floor surface
  • A yoga belt/strap OR substitute with a regular belt or scarf
  • 2 folded yoga blankets OR folded household blankets that have some texture and aren’t slippery
  • About 3 feet (in width) of empty wall space

Also, if sitting on the floor for a short period of time is not tenable for you, have a folding chair available.

3 thoughts on “Join us on Sunday May 8 for our first Afterward Honesty Virtual Yoga Offering!!

  1. Looking forward to joining this session! Thank you so much for the opportunity to practice in such a meaningful way. xx

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