All About Me

Sarah Chamberlin has been blogging for eight years.  She is one of a small number of people in the 2010’s to publicly and non anonymously come forward on the brink of ending fertility treatments without a child to share her raw experiences in real time.

Three years into being involuntarily childless, a sequence of unfortunate events thwarted what is already a harrowing path forward for so many.  A virus attacked her autonomic nervous system, leaving Sarah debilitated on all levels but also thankfully (and glacially) recovering over the coming years.  A year following the nervous system disorder onset, the Trump administration initiated its attempt to dismantle the program that grants her husband his immigration status.  Years of legal wrangling and limbo have ensued.  Family business and money troubles reared their ugly heads soon after.  A minor shoulder injury and then a physical therapy oddessey to address the scoliosis that caused it put Sarah’s fragile, new dreams of teaching yoga into serious doubt.

Well.  So much for the freedom infused, architecting whatever life you want without children bit!  Not only could Sarah not live the life with children she had sought ferociously and lost, to add insult to injury she found herself disabled, albeit temporarily, from even living the childless life she hadn’t wanted.

The contents of this site are inspired by all of her experiences and the things she discovered along the way that gave much needed bolsters to her health and wellness, as well as by her “hopefully finally” path forward out into the world and the uncharted territory that awaits.  Though the cumulative affect of things has played a role, she still attests that the losses of all of her children, parenthood and grandparenthood eclipse by far the totality of everything else she’s been through. 

Sarah has multiple interests and has a hard time staying away from anything that arouses her curiosity (which, tragically, is a lot of things).  Officially though she works in the restaurant business and is a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200).  She lives with her husband in New York. She hopes to write and publish a memoir once the chaos in her life dies down (??), but in the interim will continue to refer to herself as “the girl who cried book”.