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Grief Revisited

We live in a world where people commonly possess the unconscious bias that people without children are not affected by harm done to children. That we don’t care, and that we somehow lack the emotional depth to have a relevant reaction to such things. In this post I highlight that nothing could be further from the truth of course, by submitting my childless voice to the conversation in response to recent tragic world events.

Join us on Sunday May 8 for our first Afterward Honesty Virtual Yoga Offering!!

Dear Readers, Well at long last I’m finally able to offer you some yoga! I’ll be teaching a FREE, basic and slow paced class for the childless not by choice on yes, “The” day (Sunday May 8th from 12:00 – 1:15 ET). PLEASE NOTE: Sunday’s 12:00 class is now full. I’m adding a class startingContinue reading “Join us on Sunday May 8 for our first Afterward Honesty Virtual Yoga Offering!!”

Childless Milestones: The Useful Byproducts of Fifty

I’ve been trying to pinpoint why I was so excited about turning fifty.  I know the indifferent hands of time don’t REALLY coordinate with life’s happenings – multiple failed fertility treatments schooled me fully on that.  For example, just because it’s a New Year on January 1 doesn’t necessarily mean we can all have aContinue reading “Childless Milestones: The Useful Byproducts of Fifty”

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