Another Take – Why I Don’t Have a Gratitude Practice

Have you ever felt pressure to be grateful, especially in the face of loss? Come with me as I question different angles of gratitude & explore circumstances where it may not always be good for us. #childlessness #mentalhealth #holidays #infertility

My Integration Is Fire

How do you sort out Halloween as a childless person? What are your post traumatic growth triumphs? Reflect with me on the revealing power of holidays – those darned things that just keep coming around again & again! – and healing’s odd celebrations.

Who Says You Can’t Go Home

When you can’t have the children you wanted, the subject of your “before” life can be also be tricky. See what happened when I went back in tme to visit my hometown.

Childless Milestones: The Useful Byproducts of Fifty

I’ve been trying to pinpoint why I was so excited about turning fifty.  I know the indifferent hands of time don’t REALLY coordinate with life’s happenings – multiple failed fertility treatments schooled me fully on that.  For example, just because it’s a New Year on January 1 doesn’t necessarily mean we can all have aContinue reading “Childless Milestones: The Useful Byproducts of Fifty”

My Last Eight Years, A Brief Tour

……and, an homage to basics During the eight years since my final failed fertility treatment, there are a lot of key life things within the depicted realm of being childless I HAVEN’T done if I’m to be quite honest.   Now, I’m thankful we’re living in a time where involuntarily childless lives are being projectedContinue reading “My Last Eight Years, A Brief Tour”

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