More about Afterward Honesty yoga offerings…..

In all offerings – both yoga and webinar – I’ll be drawing from the things that helped me to understand what I was going through and that facilitated my healing in some way.  

Yoga classes and workshops will pull from *alignment based yoga systems and its principles, **yin yoga, pranayama (breath work) and ***mindfulness meditation.

Thematically and philosophically offerings are designed to accommodate the world views of the involuntarily childless and those who are living with life altering traumatic loss.

My Afterward Honesty yoga offerings are currently angled towards beginners and towards being accessible to as many people as possible.  If there is a need/want at any point for classes geared towards more intermediate practitioners, please contact me.

*Alignment based yoga is known for spending more time in poses and attuning to more detail in poses.  There is generally less focus on movement and more on observation.  Classes will be lightly peppered with some vinyasa flow when appropriate. 

**Yin yoga is a group of poses all of which are on or close to the ground.  When held for a period of minutes, these poses serve to pressurize the joints and target our connective tissue. The necessary time spent in poses also then affords the opportunity for training attention – attention on our internal comings and goings, both thought and emotion oriented, as well as on all layers of our physicality.  This awareness is one (of many) things that can allow us to be more effectively present with ourselves and thus then with others.

***Mindfulness meditation could be described as the commitment to watching the shifting nature of life and our experiences from a steady and non preferential place of attention.  While it expands into and touches on many areas, it can for practical purposes be boiled down to one aspect of awareness: knowing when you’re focused on your breath and when you’ve deviated from that.